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MIC5021 High-Speed High-Side MOSFET Driver

High-Speed High-Side MOSFET Driver

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General Description Features

The MIC5021 high-side MOSFET driver is designed to operate at frequencies up to 100kHz (5kHz PWM for 2% to 100% duty cycle) and is an ideal choice for high speed applications such as motor control, SMPS (switch mode power supplies), and applications using IGBTs. The MIC5021 can also operate as a circuit breaker with or without automatic retry.

A rising or falling edge on the input results in a current source pulse or sink pulse on the gate output. This output current pulse can turn on a 2000pF MOSFET in approximately 550ns. The MIC5021 then supplies a limited current (< 2mA), if necessary, to maintain the output state.

An overcurrent comparator with a trip voltage of 50mV makes the MIC5021 ideal for use with a current sensing MOSFET. An external low value resistor may be used instead of a sensing MOSFET for more precise overcurrent control. An optional external capacitor placed from the CT pin to ground may be used to control the current shutdown duty cycle (dead time) from 20% to < 1%. A duty cycle from 20% to about 75% is possible with an optional pull-up resistor from CT to VDD.

The MIC5021 is available in 8-pin SOIC and plastic DIP packages.

Other members of the MIC502x family include the MIC5020 low-side driver and the MIC5022 half-bridge driver with a cross-conduction interlock.

  • 12V to 36V operation
  • 550ns rise/fall time driving 2000pF
  • TTL compatible input with internal pull-down resistor
  • Overcurrent limit
  • Gate to source protection
  • Internal charge pump
  • 100kHz operation guaranteed over full temperature and operating voltage range
  • Compatible with current sensing MOSFETs
  • Current source drive reduces EMI
Packages Applications
Standard Pb-Free Package
MIC5021BM MIC5021YM 8-pin SOIC
MIC5021BN MIC5021YN 8-pin Plastic DIP
  • Lamp control
  • Heater control
  • Motor control
  • Solenoid switching
  • Switch-mode power supplies
  • Circuit breaker